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Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Online
Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Online

Watch Asalem Jarigindante Web Series all episodes online on MX Player Originals in full HD and Asalem Jarigidante Telugu Web Series is directed by Chandoo Allada and is written by Santosh Annaparthi and produced by Sharrath Marar, Asalem Jarigidante Starring Harsha Chemudu and Yashna Chowdary in the lead roles of Siddharth and Geetha, catch the tangy tale of the young married couples Geetha and Siddharth. Life takes a turn for the newlyweds.

Is this an opportunity for Siddharth? Siddharth and Geetha are newlyweds and are enjoying their married life filled with bliss and romance, the kind known only to the newlyweds. Although enjoying the bliss that comes in the initial days of a wedding, Siddharth has a few issues with the bossy nature of Geetha. Their life takes a turn when Siddharth and Geetha meet with an accident and as a result,


Geetha suffers from Retrograde Amnesia and is unable to remember any recent events but can only remember her life from her childhood until her marriage with Siddharth. Siddharth feels sad for a while but then decides to use this opportunity to try and shape Geetha as per his wishes and mold her into a docile wife who is caring and loving and extremely considerate. Watch Asalem Jarigindante Web Series All Latest Episodes and Videos Online on MX Player for free and find out if Siddharth can get the wife of his dreams. (Top 10 Best OTT Platforms in India)

Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Review:

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 1 (The Fortunate Accident) – While the life for the newlyweds, Siddharth and Geetha is going pretty smooth and is filled with bliss and romance, Siddharth sometimes feels that Geetha is a little too bossy at times. Life takes a turn when Geetha and Siddharth meet with a car accident and Geetha loses part of her memory and can only remember her childhood till the point when she and Siddharth got married. After the initial shock of the accident and Geetha’s memory loss is over, Siddharth sees this as an opportunity to shape Geetha’s mind and turn her into a loving, caring, and a docile wife. (NAKED Web Series)

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 2 (The Story Teller) – After a few days of the accident and realizing that she has lost her recent memories due to the accident, Geetha starts asking all sorts of questions to Siddharth, in order to fill up the spaces in her mind and help her get back to her life that she cannot remember anymore. Every time Geetha poses a question to Siddharth, he thinks back to their story of how they met, how he fell in love, how he proposed, how she bossed him and decides to tell Geetha all about it, but in reverse, in order to establish his role as the alpha and give the submissive role to Geetha.

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 3 (Meet Monster In-Law!) – As Geetha’s questions continue to grow and get more detailed, Siddharth begins to modify the answers according to his own version and begins to feed Geetha with the modifications with growing confidence. He remembers the way Geetha had taken charge of planning and eloping with Siddharth, the incident that led to their wedding. (Ek Thi Begum Web Series)

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 4 (Toxic Masculinity) – After Geetha asks about what happened and their story, Siddharth goes on to tell her about their marriage. This is Siddarth’s only chance to become the hero of the story and emerge the dominant of the two people. He tells Geetha his version of their marriage and the proposals. He becomes the alpha in his story and this excites Geetha. Till when will Siddharth keep up with the made-up story? Will Geetha ever know the real truth?

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 5 (Surprise!!) – After narrating his version of their marriage story, Siddharth now has to tell Geetha about their first night. Taking charge Siddharth narrates a story that is filled with passion, love and a happy ending, which did not actually happen. At the moment, the couple relives the day and are about to share a romantic moment, when the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Watch now to find out who’s in there? Watch Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Online on MX Player.

Asalem Jarigindante Season 1 Episode 6 (The Devil Is Back) – Siddharth tries to convince Madhu and explains to her why it is so important for him to hide the truth. In a turn of events, Geetha regains her lost memory and remembers her accident. Siddharth, unaware of this, goes on to explain the incident to Geetha. Watch Asalem Jarigindante Web Series Online on MX Player. (Hello Mini Web Series)

Will Geetha believe him or leave him? How will Geetha react when she comes to know that Siddharth hid the truth from her? Watch now to find out. The new Telugu web series Asalem Jarugithanthe is a story about a husband taking his last chance to change his wife in a way he has always wanted her to be. Get Asalem Jarugithanthe cast, movies and story online. Watch Asalem Jarugithanthe Telugu web series online on MX Player.

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