Arjun Suravaram Movie Trailer Talk – Intense and Gripping

Arjun Suravaram Movie Trailer Talk
Arjun Suravaram Movie Trailer Talk

Watch Arjun Suravaram Movie Trailer featuring actors Nikhil Siddharth and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. It is the official remake of Kollywood blockbuster Kanithan. The film which was initially titled ‘Mudra’ has been changed now after Nikhil’s character in the film Arjun Lenin Suravaram. The Arjun Suravaram film is learned to be an engaging drama filled with thrills and spills and is going to finally hit screens on November 29. The music of the movie is composed by Sam C S. (Arjun Suravaram Movie Review)

Arjun Suravaram theatrical trailer got released today as a part of promotions. Though the film is a year old, the trailer looks refreshing and contemporary. By looking at the trailer, one can come to the conclusion that Arjun Suravaram deals with the issue of fake certificates. The Arjun Suravaram Movie Trailer starts with a fresh and cool feel with Nikhil enjoying his happy time with friends and family. One fine day, everything turns upside down for him when he is accused of 13 crores scam and loses his own identity.

Then he turns journalist and fights for the cause. In the trailer, there is a dialogue saying, certificates are not just papers they are our identity. In the trailer, actor Nikhil Siddhartha addresses students many times. Lavanya Tripathi is playing the love interest of Nikhil. Sam CS who composed background music for Karthi’s sensational blockbuster Khaidi has done BGM work for this film too. Hope Nikhil scores hit this time.