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Arjun Reddy Tamil Remake Titled Adithya Varma


The Varma Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy which marks the debut of actor Vikram’s son Dhruv has been rechristened as Adhithya Varma, its makers revealed on Tuesday via an official poster. The Adithya Varma poster, cut from the same cloth as the original poster of Arjun Reddy, features Dhruv in an avatar very similar to Viajy Deverakonda’s character.

The Adithya Varma film will be directed by Gireesaaya, a former associate of Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Vanga. The new version will also feature Banita Sandhu, who will play the female lead and Priya Anand will also have a crucial role in the film. 

According to an official statement released by the makers, “E4 Entertainment has engaged B studios to recreate the Tamil version of Arjun Reddy titled as Varmaa, on a first copy basis, on the latter’s insistence. We at E4 Entertainment are not happy with the final version handed over to us and due to various creative and other differences; we have decided not to release this version.”

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