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Apple Music Support on Amazon Echo Speakers using Alexa


After announcing Apple Music support on Amazon Echo speakers, the update is now rolling out in the US through the Amazon Alexa app on iOS and the Android a few days ahead of schedule. You can now connect your Apple Music account with Echo speakers through the Alexa app and use Apple’s music streaming service with Alexa voice control.

Once you connect your Apple Music account to Alexa, you can set the music service as your default music library source and the default music station source. The Apple Music on Alexa will have access to your personal music library including playlists that you create or add to your library from Apple Music. Apple Music’s integration with Alexa is a neat new addition for the Amazon Echo customers who subscribe to Apple Music.

Alexa integration is capable of controlling your music playback, tell you about currently playing music, and even play Apple Music on speaker groups that you create in the Alexa app. However, you can’t yet control Apple Music with Alexa on non-Echo speakers like Sonos even if those speakers support Apple Music on their own. Alexa also supports features that aren’t available on HomePod like setting alarms to music Amazon also supports music automation through a feature called Routines.

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