Apple iPhone 8 with glass body next 2017 Reports

Apple iPhone 8 : Apple is working on a glass body for the alleged iPhone 8 which may come next year. The speculations started after Apple Insider (a technology focused website) cited a note issued by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities in which he stated that Apple is working on an iPhone with glass design to differentiate it from other iPhones.
Apple is expected to opt for AMOLED display for the 2017 iPhone to keep its weight in check. As per Kuo, the glass bodied iPhone will be as durable as current metal iPhones.
Meanwhile Apple is expected to announce its new flagship this September. As per earlier reports, the so called iPhone 7 will be water and dust resistance. Analysts expect Apple to announce iPhone 7 with 2 GB RAM and iPhone 7S with 3 GB RAM.

Apple iPhone 8


Apple iPhone 8 with glass body next 2017 #iphone 8

KGI’S Ming-ChiKuo claimed that the iPhone 8 will be seeing a major re-design in 2017 changing its appearance that is soon to be launched in 2017. He also claimed that iPhone 7 will not be having any major changes regarding its appearance. According to the reports, the reason behind the dropping of the aluminium case and going with the glass design is to have an altogether fresh look for the iPhone users.  The new iPhone ( iPhone 8 ) will be having an all new and fresh design with a display lighter and thinner in size , storage capacity available in 16GB and 64GB , 12-megapixel rear camera and a touch ID fingerprint sensor. The other features of this new iPhone ( iPhone 8 ) like its Wi-Fi connection , processor and the rest will be similar in regards to iphone 6S.

Apple iPhone 8 may feature an all-glass Design: Reports

Another reason behind the change in the iPhone look is due to the competition from other smartphones who are seeking the same aluminium design, and iPhone being an iPhone wants itself to look different and new among the lot.
Previously , Apple has used glass on iPhones , iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S featuring the glass design with the use of a metal band but a complete all design is something new and people are eager how they would go for a complete glass design.
AMOLED screen have been introduced for a complete all glass design as glass weighs heavier than aluminium. This screen is lighter than the LCD displays that are currently being used in iPhones. One of the report have also claimed that Apple have signed a 2,6 dollar billion deal with Rivals Samsung to provide AMOLED screens.
Iphone lovers and users are also excited for this fresh look and are waiting for it to launch in 2017.

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