“Ammaku Vandanam’ Programme Introduce in Andhra Pradesh State

"Ammaku Vandanam' Programme Introduce in Andhra Pradesh State
AP Government has issued a GO regarding “Ammaku Vandanam”program on Monday. There are about 5,000 government schools in AP and about Rs, 2.5 crores will be allocated for conducting Ammaku Vandanam program.
Ammaku Vandanam programme will be implemented in Andhra Pradesh state from 2017-18 academic year.The aim of Ammaku Vandanam programme is to respect mothers and acknowledge the pivotal role a mother plays in a child’s life. As part of programme, mothers will be invited to school on a specific day during the academic year and feted and saluted.
AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu feels that by participating in Ammaku Vandanam programme, children will not just know about the importance of mother but will also stay connected to their roots, develop respect towards our culture and get inspired to become achievers in life.
Though government issued GOP to implement Ammaku Vandanam in government schools only, it is believed that even private schools will also come forward to implement it.
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