sells Vaginal Shaped Ashtray Models Online & Product Receiving a lot of Dislike

The Amazon top e-commerce site in India giant continues to be in trending news for all the wrong reasons. After drawing flak over selling Indian National Flag designed doormats and Mahatma Gandhi slippers, And Now Amazon India is in the news for a vaginal-shaped ashtray. 
Vaginal Shaped Ashtray Models Online
Shocking pictures of naked women inspired ashtray models sold on the website are anything but creative as Amazon is claiming it to be. There is no end to customers’ fury who is calling out the company for making such sickening and distasteful products available for sale.

Amazon Pulls off vagina-shaped ashtray: 

The item being condemned is an ashtray, which has a bare lady cut it. The naked lady is likewise sitting with her legs totally open. The ashtray was vigorously scrutinized by customers and had a one-star rating out of five in its initial customer reviews. The item depiction says that the ashtray is for the home stylistic theme or bar beautifications. The online retailer expelled the item from the site, which was priced 4,249 ($65) before it was taken down.
It is the second item after doormat that is expelled by Amazon. Customers remarked that the ashtray was offending to ladies worldwide and that the item was drifting via social media for all the wrong reasons. Amazon India evacuated the item in the wake of seeing that it had been hailed and remarked by plenty of people.
Several called out Amazon’s action of allowing such products for sale as highly condemnable and irresponsible. “Isn’t this gold woman ashtray disgusting and insulting to women folk worldwide? 
How can Amazon go down to this level? It should be removed from Amazon immediately,” another one wrote. At the time of writing, the product could not be found on the site, but several users still lashed out at the company. High time Amazon does the basic consumer behavior research and then sell products.
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