Amazon Day Delivery: Get All Your Weekly items on Single Day

Amazon day delivery
Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon has launched a new option called the ‘Amazon Day Delivery’ that allows Prime members to minimize their deliveries and packages by choosing a day of the week to receive all of their weekly ordered items. Eligible items can typically be ordered for Amazon Day up to two days before your chosen day. 

What is Amazon Day Delivery?

Amazon Day is a FREE delivery option for Prime members to select up to two preferred days of the week for receiving Orders. Items ordered throughout each week with Amazon Day will be delivered on your preferred days or Single Day.


How to Use Amazon Day Delivery:

  • To use this option,
  • Amazon Prime members will have to head to the checkout and instead of selecting the free Prime delivery option, choose Amazon Day delivery.
  • It will likely be for a later date but will allow you to get whatever you order in the following days to be delivered on that date.
  • As per the FAQ page, the Amazon Day delivery option will only be present at checkout when it is applicable.
  • Most items that are eligible for Prime delivery and are shipped by Amazon can be ordered with the Amazon Day delivery option.
  • Additionally, customers can order most items up to two days before Amazon Day.

“Amazon Day option also makes it easier to get purchases grouped and delivered together resulting in fewer trips to the customer location, thus a reduction of carbon emissions. The Amazon Day Delivery option is one among Amazon’s many sustainability initiatives to help achieve Shipment Zero, the company’s global vision to make all Amazon shipments net-zero carbon, with 50 percent of all shipments net-zero by 2030,” Amazon said in a statement.

“The Amazon Day Delivery Beta saw adoption by over a million Amazon Prime members in India and helped save thousands of boxes in shipping. We hope Amazon Prime members nationally love the program and contribute to the “Shipment Zero” vision of making deliveries carbon neutral,” Amazon further added.

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