Amazon Alexa can now Respond to your queries in Hindi

Amazon Alexa Can Now Respond To Your Queries In Hindi
Amazon Alexa Can Now Respond To Your Queries In Hindi

Amazon, in its event on September 18, announced Alexa can now Respond to your queries in Hindi that it is extending the feature of ‘Hindi language’ support. Amazon Alexa is easily available on Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and more from where it can be used to gain information and entertainment of various genres.

At the event, Amazon affirmed that users in India are quite passionately using Alexa where every day thousands of questions are being asked from it. The company showcased this feature by asking “Alexa, Kaise ho”? to which it replied “Apne pucha, dil garden garden ho gaya”.


Amazon officials also emphasized improving Alexa’s understanding of Indian culture and festivals along with adorning the virtual assistant with an Indian accent English and finally Hindi language. In a press release, Amazon said that it has been a heartening time for them all through the course of developing the Indian version of the assistant. Alexa also features an easy transformation option for the users to switch from Hindi to English and vice-versa.

Amazon Alexa can now Respond to your queries in Hindi

Popular questions that customers in India ask Alexa in Hindi:

Entertainment & information

  • Customers love asking for stories. From a collection of original stories and audiobooks from Audible, Alexa regales customers with stories at least once a minute.
  • Be it about the complexity of love, the diversity of food in India, or just plain old riyaaz, Alexa’s singing prowess, with a Desi touch, has customers engaged, with Alexa responding to over 1000 requests to sing a song every day.
  • Alexa loves Bollywood films and cannot lie! So, she is always ready to deliver a filmy dialogue whenever customers ask! In fact, she gets at nearly 700 requests to deliver a Bollywood dialogue or mimic a celeb every day.
  • Like Gully Boy, Alexa is a rapper at her (virtual) heart. No wonder, then, that she gets over 500 requests to rap every day.
  • Alexa keeps a track of the biggest news stories from India and around the world, and she helps customers stay up to date as well, with customers asking Alexa for news at least 4 times every minute.
  • It’s always a good time to hear something interesting, and so, customers turn to Alexa and ask, “Kuchh mazedaar sunao,” twice every minute. Alexa responds with funny and heartwarming news stories from India and all over the world!

Alexa’s personality

  • Alexa may not understand the human emotion of love, but her conversations have impressed customers so much that at least 1 customer says “I love you” to Alexa every minute.
  • Customers are concerned about Alexa’s well-being. So much so that at least 5 customers ask, “Alexa, kaisi ho?” every minute.
  • Alexa gets a marriage proposal at least once every minute! But she wants all potential suitors to take a quiz first.
  • All Alexa needs is WiFi! But in true desi fashion, customers ask, “Alexa, khana khaogi?” at least once every 2 minutes.
  • What does Alexa do in the cloud? Now that is something customers wonder quite often, with at least 2 customers asking, “Alexa, kya kar rahi ho?” every minute.
  • What’s in the name, they say. But in Alexa’s case, it’s everything! And so, customers ask Alexa, “Tumhara naam kya hai?” at least once a minute.
  • Amazon Alexa is always around to share a laugh, and that too in the most musical way! No wonder then, she is asked “kya tum hans sakti ho” at least once a minute.
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