ALTBalaji & ZEE5 present murder-mystery series ‘Love, Scandal and Doctors’

ALTBalaji & ZEE5 present murder-mystery series 'Love, Scandal and Doctors'

Love, Scandal and Doctors, a murder-mystery series is streaming now exclusively on ALTBalaji & ZEE5 App. The series is produced by Balaji Telefilms and directed by Sattwik Mohanty and Preya Hirji. LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors talks about five cut-throat medical interns doing everything in their power to ensure they make it in the chosen field, sometimes even pulling each other down.

This increases to unbelievable levels when the interns get looped into a murder they may or may not have been a part of. Who was actually behind it? Why did it happen? Was it justified on some level? One can only get the answers to these questions only once they watch the show. In the face of adversity the choices these interns make, the alliances they form, the people they fall in and out of love, make the series even more interesting than it already is.


KMRC hospital is one of the most prestigious medical institutes in Delhi. The whole story takes place inside the four walls of this hospital. The irony in this series is that murder happens inside hospital premises, the exact place lives are saved, the same place where people go to survive.

Rahul Dev plays the chief Dr. Rana’s character, an esteemed cardio surgeon; however, he has a sinister air about him, his son worships him. TanayaSachdeva plays Sara, the headstrong intern who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Tanaya’s character Sara is very raw, very real, borderline crass. Ishaan A Khanna plays Karthik, who is Dr. Rana’s son, and Chitra’s brother.

Vik, Karthik’s loyal best friend, is played by Siddharth Menon, in the words of the actor himself, Vik is a multi-layered character. Rahima, the intern whose husband is murdered, is played by SrishtiGanguliRindani. Tavish the cool cop is played by everyone’s beloved dancer-turned-actor Punit J Pathak. Tavish is the only non-medical character in this series but is hugely instrumental in the murder investigation. The show is an out and out youth murder mystery with the suspect needle, moving after each episode, keeping viewers on the edge of their seat.

“This show would be my OTT debut, and there isn’t any other show I would pick over this for my first. Unlike my usual roles, here I play a cop who is a relatively serious character. It was a learning experience, and I am so excited to see the audience reaction, and I would be thrilled to be a part of this for another season as well.” – Punit J Pathak, Actor (Tavish)

“Working with young talent was a wonderful experience … fun while filming and behind the scenes. The story has different layers and touches upon relationships, competitiveness with a large element of mystery. The first time I am playing a doctor, Dr. Rana who is also the Dean is a very crucial part of the series” – Rahul Dev, Actor (Dr.Rana). Watch Love, Scandal and Doctors All episodes only on the ALTBalaji & ZEE5 app.

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