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Alexa to iPhone via Amazon Shopping App


Download Amazon Alexa App: The Amazon is bringing Alexa voice assistant to iPhone via its main shopping app. iPhone users can now talk to Alexa while using the Amazon app. They can use Alexa while shopping and tracking packages and also to do the usual stuff like asking the news and weather updates, control music and so on.

In order to activate Alexa, users will have to tap on mic icon in the search bar and ask for the query. You can tell Alexa to – search for a specific product, add the product in the cart, track packages, reorder products and so on. Alexa can stream books from your Kindle library or music from Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, or purchased music. When you ask Alexa to play media, player controls will appear on the screen. The audio will continue to play after you have dismissed the visual.

The Amazon.com says the feature begins rolling out today and should be available to all US users by next week. Huawei had announced recently that it would use Alexa on its Mate 9 smartphone in the US market. Last month, Motorola announced Alexa is coming to Motorola smartphones and Moto Mods later this year.

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