Akshay Kumar Gets Trolled By Haters for Winning National Film Award 2017 for Best Actor

The Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar won the Best Actor award at the 64th National Film Awards 2017 and while the superstar and his fans are elated over the victory, there are others who thought Akshay Kumar wasn’t deserving enough to win the award for Rustom Movie.
Akshay Kumar Gets Trolled Winning National Film Award 2017 for Best Actor

Soon after the 64th National Film Awards Winners List announcement, Akshay Kumar gets trolled on Twitter for winning National Award, claiming that Aamir Khan should have bagged the award for Dangal Movie. Many have also questioned as to why Manoj Bajpayee’s performance in Aligarh and Randeep Hooda’s in Sarbjit were snubbed by the jury members of the National Film Award.

It is no secret that Akshay is not a very keen patron of award shows and that he was not given a nomination in Filmfare Awards. Many on social media pointed out how Aamir’s performance in ‘Dangal’ was more worthy of the award.
Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar posted a video on his social media page thanking his fans for the love and support and for making Rustom such a big success. This is the first time Akshay Kumar in his 26 years of career won National Award for Best Actor. His wife Twinkle Khanna also posted an emotional message praising the actor.

Check out tweets by some haters of Akshay Kumar:

Rajiv B Menon‏: If #DonaldTrump can become president why can’t #AkshayKumar get #NationalFilmAwards for best actor!! We live in an ass licking world
Muzna hussain‏: Yaayyyyy…..now Tushar Kapoor and Uday Chopra stand a chance of winning it too! Tea la la la la la la la la #AkshayKumar #akshaykumarwins
Minfaz K‏: Clearly biased when #AkshayKumar for Rustom wins the award over #AamirKhan for Dangal. Do we even need a survey to find the better one?
suraj the Wankhede: #NationalAward for best actor to #AkshayKumar in a totally forgettable movie #RUSTOM for the below average performance. kudos to jury..

Manish Jain‏: Can’t #AkshayKumar win #NationalAward for a straight face thru #Rustom when #MahershalaAli can win an #Oscar for same in #Moonlight ?!! 🙂
Sam Sanyal‏: Oh shit yaar !! They should have awarded #AkshayKumar for his cult performances in Housefull 3 & SInghIsBling too. #NationalAward
Sam Sanyal: Toh Safed uniform pehen ne ke liye aur false mooche lagane ke liye shayad milta hoga #NationalAward and that’s why #AkshayKumar got it.
Anshuman Mishra: #NationalFilmAwards #AkshayKumar 
Akshay was great but @BajpayeeManoj for Aligarh was most deserving. Everyone knows the reality.

The Reacting to the haters accusing him of not deserving the national award, Akshay told HT, “Itna keh sakta hun mai ki ye award bhi maine imandari se jita hai. Maine aaj tak cheating nahi ki. Neither have I ever made a call to anyone to win an award nor have given money or done favours for it.”
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