Airtel Black: Get All-in-One Airtel Plan for Fiber, DTH, Mobile Services

Airtel Black plan helps you combine your Airtel accounts like Postpaid, Broadband & DTH together under a single Airtel plan. Get 1 Bill for All Airtel Services.

Airtel black
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In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential, and so is having a seamless experience across various telecom services. Airtel Black emerges as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive solution that combines multiple services under one subscription. In this article, we will explore the concept of Airtel Black, its benefits, plans, features, and how it stands against other telecom providers. Let’s dive in!

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s premier communications solutions provider announced the launch of its latest innovation Airtel Black – India’s first all-in-one solution for homes. In today’s world, the customer’s home has become the single place for both work life and personal life. The need for high-speed data, the need for entertainment at home, and the need for seamless connectivity on mobile is now one holistic need.


Yet these services have historically been bought and managed, as individual services. Customers have expressed their frustration on multiple bills to be paid on different due dates across the months, services getting switched off due to forgotten recharges, and difficulty in managing services from multiple local service providers. Airtel decided to innovate to solve this customer problem.

What is Airtel Black?

The Airtel Black is an innovative offering by Airtel that brings together postpaid, DTH, and broadband services into a single subscription. It allows customers to consolidate their telecom expenses, enjoy personalized support, and unlock a host of exclusive benefits. With Airtel Black, customers can simplify their lives and elevate their telecom experience with the amazing value of zero-switching and installation costs coupled with free service visits for life.

Airtel Black Benefits:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Airtel Black enhances the customer experience by streamlining telecom services. Instead of managing separate subscriptions for postpaid, DTH, and broadband, customers can now enjoy the convenience of a unified subscription. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple bills and provides a seamless experience across services.

The Convenience of Multiple Services in One Subscription: With Airtel Black, customers can access postpaid mobile services, digital TV services, and high-speed broadband under a single subscription. This eliminates the need for separate payments and simplifies account management. Whether it’s making calls, watching favorite TV shows, or browsing the internet, Airtel Black covers it all.

Savings on Bills and Expenses: Airtel Black offers cost savings by bundling multiple services together. Customers can avail themselves of attractive discounts and exclusive offers, reducing their overall telecom expenses. By consolidating bills and services, Airtel Black ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

Personalized Customer Support: Airtel Black subscribers enjoy priority customer support, ensuring quick resolutions and personalized assistance. Whether it’s resolving technical issues, billing queries, or service requests, Airtel Black customers receive dedicated support to address their concerns promptly.

Airtel Black Plans:

Airtel Black offers a range of plans tailored to suit various needs and preferences. Let’s explore the different tiers and pricing options: 

  1. Airtel Black Basic: This plan includes postpaid mobile services, digital TV services, and broadband with a monthly subscription of Rs 699. It offers a moderate data limit and a basic channel package.

  2. Airtel Black Plus: The Airtel Black Plus plan provides enhanced features and services at a monthly subscription of Rs 1799. It includes higher data limits, premium channel packages, and faster broadband speeds.

  3. Airtel Black Premium: This top-tier plan offers the most comprehensive features and benefits. Priced at Rs 2299 per month, it provides unlimited data, premium channel packages, and ultra-fast broadband speeds.

Compare the features of each Airtel Black plan and choose the one that aligns with your requirements and budget.

How to Get Airtel Black?

Getting started with Airtel Black is a simple process. Here are the steps to subscribe:

  1. Visit the Airtel website or download the Airtel Thanks app.
  2. Navigate to the Airtel Black section.
  3. Give a missed call to airtel black customer care number on 8826655555 and an Airtel executive will reach out to you to upgrade you to Airtel Black.
  4. Choose the desired Airtel Black plan based on your requirements.
  5. Provide the necessary details and complete the registration process.
  6. Make the payment for your chosen Airtel Black subscription.
  7. Once the payment is confirmed, your Airtel Black services will be activated.

To be eligible for Airtel Black, you need to fulfill certain criteria, such as being an existing Airtel customer and meeting the minimum plan requirements. Check the Airtel website for specific eligibility details.

Airtel Black features:

  • Simplify your life: AirtelBlack is super convenient and liberates customers from the hassle of managing multiple bill payment dates, navigating customer care IVRs, or interacting with separate service providers.
  • Get the Priority you deserve: A customer will connect to a care representative within 60 seconds of calling. The team of experts managing the customer relationship keeps in touch with all your requirements and solves them on a priority basis. All service visits needed for your service come to you on priority, and free of charge.
  • No TV service disconnection: Airtel Black also helps customers enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing, due to DTH being offered as a billed service. All the user needs is to pay their one bill monthly.
  • Customize it to your needs: Airtel Black offers a simple feature where users have full choice of selecting their suitable plans for each service, and then bundle them together for billing.

Airtel Black FAQs:

1. What is the cost of Airtel Black?

The cost of Airtel Black depends on the chosen plan. Prices start at 699 per month for the Basic plan, 1799 per month for the Plus plan, and 2299 per month for the Premium plan.

2. Can I upgrade my existing Airtel plan to Airtel Black?

Yes, existing Airtel customers can easily upgrade their current plans to Airtel Black. Visit the Airtel website or app to explore the upgrade options.

3. What services are included in Airtel Black?

Airtel Black includes postpaid mobile services, digital TV services, and broadband services. It offers a comprehensive telecom solution under a single subscription.

4. How can I contact Airtel Black customer support?

For any queries or assistance related to Airtel Black, you can reach out to the Airtel customer support team through the Airtel Thanks app or by calling the dedicated customer support helpline.

5. Is Airtel Black available in my city?

Airtel Black is available in select cities across the country. Check the Airtel website or app to see if it is available in your city.

6. Can I add family members to my Airtel Black subscription?

Yes, Airtel Black offers the option to add family members to your subscription. Enjoy the benefits of Airtel Black together with your loved ones.

7. What are the payment options for Airtel Black?

Airtel Black supports various payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you.

8. How do I cancel my Airtel Black subscription?

To cancel your Airtel Black subscription, contact the customer support team or visit an Airtel store for assistance. They will guide you through the cancellation process.

9. Are there any additional charges with Airtel Black?

Airtel Black plans have transparent pricing, and there are no hidden charges. The subscription fee covers the bundled services and additional perks as per the chosen plan.

10. What is the duration of the Airtel Black subscription?

The Airtel Black subscription is available on a monthly basis. You can continue enjoying the services as long as you maintain an active subscription.


Airtel Black revolutionizes the telecom landscape by providing a comprehensive solution that integrates postpaid, DTH, and broadband services. With its numerous benefits, cost savings, and personalized support, Airtel Black simplifies the way we stay connected. Upgrade to Airtel Black today and experience the convenience and excellence it offers.

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