AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are Available For Microsoft Edge

AdBlock-AdBlock -Plus
AdBlock-AdBlock -Plus
AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Extensions: Now, this is going to be a huge relief for all the Windows users. Quite often, people get irritated with the adds that pop out while we are doing our work. It is kind of frustrating to press the close button each and every time the add pops out. We will now be able to finally block the adds that pop out while we browse the web. The ad blocking extensions are now available for all the users of Windows 10. This extension can be only used by the users of Windows 10 who have the latest version of it.

Microsoft Edge Browser Gets AdBlock and Adblock Plus Extensions Are Available on Windows Store:

The process of the installation is very simple. Once you are done with the downloading of the extensions, it also needs to be activated so that it can start working. A button will pop out after the installation, that will view the number of adds that have been blocked. You also need to restart the edge browser to make sure that the extension is working properly and is not creating any issue while the blockage of adds.WinBeta tells us that all the users of Windows cannot use these extensions, these extensions are only for the ones who have the preview version of Microsoft Edge.
These extensions, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are made of Eye and BetaFish respectively. Also, in regards with these extensions,these two extensions are not inter-related or inter-connected with each other. AdBlock has 40 million users whereas AdBlock Plus has 300 million downloads across the globe.

While AdBlock Plus supports many browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Android, Yandex and Maxthon browsers, AdBlock supports only Chrome, Safari, and Opera.Well, all the windows users can now take a sigh of relief as now they can work without any add popping out and distracting them from their work. These extensions have made working very easier as there will be no kind of disturbance.

Microsoft Edge Extensions Preview – How to Install Extensions :