ACT Home Security Camera Launched in India Price at Rs 2,249

Act Fibernet Launched ACT HomeCam in India Price at Rs 2,249

Act home security camera

ACT Home Security Camera: The ACT HomeCam surveillance CCTV camera has been launched to assist in home security measures. It is simple to install, works on Wi-Fi, and is cost-effective. The ACT Home Security Camera pairs with the TP-Link Tapo app on the Google Play store allowing users to see live footage of their home from anywhere. It is important to note that ACT HomeCam works alongside the ACT network only. Users can install multiple Home Security Camera units across their home and view all the footage on a single app.

ACT Home Security Camera features:

ACT Fibernet has partnered with TP-Link to launch the HomeCam. It has a 2-megapixel HD camera that offers 1080p recording, 110-degree wide-angle view, and Night Vision Infrared lens with view clarity of up to 30 feet. Also, ACT Home Camera supports motion detection and responds during an unlikely event with alert functions. There’s a microSD card slot that supports 128GB of footage storage for 24 days. Users can set a schedule for recording and playback the video at their convenience. There’s also a privacy mode to disable recording when required.


As mentioned, multiple ACT Home Camera units can be set up around the house, and users can toggle between multiple views of live video through the Tapo app. It supports two-way talking through the camera and has a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) feature enabled, where the user can pan the camera 360 degrees and tilt the camera lens 110 degrees through the Tapo app. Also, ACT Home Security Camera Installation is easy through the Tapo app and the HomeCam connects to the home Wi-Fi, allowing users to watch the live feed from anywhere. ACT Home Camera supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band only.

ACT Home Security Camera Price in India, Availability

ACT HomeCam is priced at Rs. 2,249 if bought outside of the subscription plan. The home surveillance CCTV camera is also available for a monthly subscription of Rs. 200 per month and an additional Rs. 500 is taken as the security deposit. ACT Home Security Camera is available for ACT Fibernet subscribers only through the official website and app.

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