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Aadai Tamil Official Teaser Review – Amala Paul Bold Avatar Surprises


Amala Paul’s Aadai Tamil Official Teaser has met with the stupendous response from the audience and critics. The actress Amala Paul has been showered with good words for her courageous decision to do a bold character. In the clip, Amala Paul has broken all the barriers and shed her inhibitions as she appears in the final part of the video without any clothes. Presumably, the Aadai movie is about a rape victim and tries to throw light at an issue which is plaguing the society.

Amala Paul’s look of a bruised and battered woman, visuals and background have been appreciated by cine-goers. Jean Paul’s quote “Freedom is about what you do with what’s been done to you” looks apt to the content. As cops arrive at a high rise office building in search of her, few men observe blood and then rises Amala Paul sans clothes shocked and realizing where she is stuck, and finally freezes with a frightened look.

Aadai Tamil Official Teaser featuring Amala Paul in an unexpected bold act is sure a shocker, and the Aadai movie is said to be speaking on an important issue faced by women in the society. With the first look poster and the teaser itself creating such huge shock impact, one can expect the Aadi full movie to be even more hard-hitting and shocking. Aadai has music by Pradeep Kumar and is set to release soon.

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