47 Days Full Movie Online in HD Streaming on ZEE5

Watch 47 Days Full Movie Online In HD Streaming On ZEE5
Watch 47 Days Full Movie Online in HD Streaming on ZEE5

Watch 47 Days Full Movie Online in HD Streaming on ZEE5. Telugu Mystery Movie 47 Days starring Satyadev Kancharana, Roshini Prakash, Pooja Jhaveri, Ravi Varma, and others is helmed by Pradeep Maddali, and jointly bankrolled by Vijay Donkada and Raghu Kunche. Satya, a police officer probing a suicide case, gets sucked into the nerve-racking complexity of the case when he discovers there may be a connection between the case he is investigating and his wife’s mysterious death. (47 Days Review)

47 Days Movie Story about Ravi (Ravi Varma) handles a case in which he is in a hurry to close. He meets his friend, ACP Satya Dev (Satya Dev), and tells him the details over a drink. Later Satya Dev finds that there is a link between Ravi Varma’s case and his wife’s death. Satya Dev is a suspended ACP. He finds it as an opportunity to find answers to his wife’s death (by suicide) and also prove his credentials as a cop. What is the mystery he uncovers in 47 days is what the movie is all about?


Watch 47 Days Full Movie Online in HD on ZEE5

Pradeep Maddali makes his debut as a director with the movie. For a mystery thriller, he has come up with a simple plot and fails on all critical aspects of the narration. Right from the start, we know that 47 Days is off track. The opening scene itself feels unconvincing. Still, a benefit of the doubt is given.

But, things look ominous (not in an exciting way) very soon. The way the screenplay leads to reinvestigation thought in the mind of the lead character is poorly executed. The griping quality, which is so necessary for any thriller to engage is entirely absent. The writing is so predictable and thin and gives nothing to invest in the narrative. It just moves from one scene to the other with the only ambition to reach an end.

It is as if one is going through the motions knowing at the outset itself that it would be a lost cause. The thrills are on expected lines with no real twists. The one in the apartments is done so often that the novelty is lost. The rest, including the climax one, are terrible, to say the least. With each passing day (screenplay wise and hence the title), the proceedings only get worse.

There is no interest whatsoever in the happenings. One might as well skip the whole thing and reach the end, and nothing would go amiss. The twist in the tale at the end comes across as one last desperate attempt of a dying person to say something, whom we know is going to die for sure. It doesn’t matter the movie is dead by that point. The ‘attempt’ only seems like an additional pain.

Overall, 47 Days is a terrible thriller and one of the laziest written and executed in a long time. There is zero effort to make it work. If you like Satya Dev, forget that this film exists. If you love thrillers, make sure others (including you) feel the same as those who like Satya Dev.

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