10-year-old hacked Instagram and Facebook paid him $10,000

Instagram and Facebook Hacked: Jani, who lives in Helsinki, Finland, found a bug that allowed him to edit any caption or comment on Instagram. He is too young to register an account on Instagram or Facebook, but that didn’t matter because he was able to demonstrate the hack without logging into an account.
“I could’ve deleted anyone’s, like Justin Bieber’s comments from there,” he told Iltalehti.Jani received the $10,000 reward after he submitted the vulnerability to Facebook’s bug bounty program. He told Iltalehti that he was initially interested in coding video games but then “started to get interested in information security and started watching Youtube videos on it.” 

A 10 year Boy hacked Instagram, Facebook paid him $10,000

He can eliminate anyone from Instagram Page Including the Famous singer like “Justin Bieber”. While the Demonstration continued,  Facebook discovered that the bug was located in the private application which failed to check whether the user is making an action to delete a comment was the same user who posted it. 
The previous record was set by a 13-year old in the year 2013, which means that he is the latest young hacker to crack Facebook product, Even though they are not eligible to use the account, because these pages are restricted to under-13s Facebook’s bug bounty program is a program started by Facebook which offers cash rewards to anyone who is able to report any bug or threat. 
In the year 2015 alone the program has paid out $936,000 to 210 successful researchers with the average of $1,780 and in the last five years the program had over 800 successful researchers and they paid more than $ 4.3 Million. 
Jani whose second name has not been revealed for the security reasons, who want to a game coder but slowly his interested shifted to security interface.In future, he wants to see himself as a Security Expert and seems well on his way. He developed his skills simply by watching YouTube videos and allowed him to find a bug on the world’s largest social media platforms.